Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We've Got Bugs

Last night while sitting on the couch watching a little TV I saw something on my shirt, looked closer and it was a flea! YUCK! But I just figured it was a random flea that had made it in when the dogs were in the house earlier. We don't have bugs! I don't like bugs! I can't handle bugs.

But you know how once you see a bug you, get bugs on your brain. Anytime you feel even the slightest breeze on your arm, you think its a bug. Then you feel like something's crawling on your leg, your neck, your back and you wonder, is that a bug?

So after finding, catching and flushing the flea I headed straight to the shower. I stood under the hot water and used half a bottle of body wash, a handful of shampoo and stayed until the water turned cold. Then I took my clothes and all of the laundry to the washing machine.

And when I was confident I didn't have any bugs on me, and all the clothes were
washed in hot water,and the sheets on the bed were fresh,I relaxed.

But this morning while I'm trying to cram those last few minutes of sleep in before MC wakes me up demanding breakfast...I felt something on my arm. I tried to convince myself that I was just being paranoid and should keep my eyes closed, it didn't work.

I hate mornings, I also hate bugs. Yes, I should be PC here and say I strongly dislike these things but I really hate both bugs and mornings. I'm not afraid of bugs I just don't like them. So when I opened my eyes and found a flea crawling up my arm, well I was unhappy, grumpy and mad. That's right mad. The house was exterminated just last week, and even though we didn't have fleas in the house we had them treat the hosue for fleas just to be on the safe side so why am I finding fleas and WHY are they on me?

The dogs haven't even been inside for more than a minute. So how do we have fleas that appear one week after the exterminator? I was fuming!

After telling my husband about the fleas he makes the call to Terminix. And they can't get us on the schedule until Thursday at the earliest. Are you serious? So we have to wait two more days. I went out and bought flea shampoo and medicine for the dogs so we can torture them with a flea bath. I vacummned the house, over and over and over again.

It pains me to admit we have bugs but we do, at least until Thursday. Now some would say well fleas are better than roaches but not me, remember I hate bugs!

So on Thursday when MC and I have to leave the house and interrupt our day for roughly four hours while the house is fumigated, I won't complain about the inconvenience. MC and I will visit friends, or take a trip to the mall or hang with teh neighbors and whether its four hours or twelve as long as the bugs are gone when we return it doesn't matter.

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