Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Shuffle

Well we spent yesterday and part of tonight doing the Thanksgiving shuffle, i.e. going to multiple grocery stores in order to get everything on our list. And then going back to the grocery store to get the items we realize we forgot put on the list. I used to always have the shopping done the Sunday before Thanksgiving...but a baby changes everything.

Okay, okay so yes she's 13 months old now and maybe that's a bad excuse but I seem to be doing more and more things at the last minute than ever before. Typically, I'm proactive in almost area of my life except house cleaning. But this year I've been running around at the last minute buying birthday cards, groceries and everythign else.

And I hate to wait until the last minute because I can always feel my stress level increasing the closer an event gets when I'm not prepared. So I definitely hate to go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner at the last minute. We didn't get to Costco last night until 8PM and they close at, you guessed it 8:30. We're racing down the aisles, throwing items into the cart and made it in and out in record time. It was a relatively easy trip.

But then we had to go to H-E-B for the rest of the groceries. Saturdays and Sundays at H-E-B are crazy, the aisles are jammed, shelves are running low and people are everywhere and last night was like a Saturday and Sunday combined. They were out of rolls, out of sage sausage, out of sweet tea, etc. We waited in lines to go down aisles, lines to get close to the shelves and a long line to check-out. I spent the entire time kicking myself for not shopping earlier in the week.

Then we get home unload all of the groceries and debate which one of us is going back out into the night to another store for the last items...ughhhh. Tonight we were out again because we still needed sage sausage, cranberry sauce and frozen rolls. And at some point I remembered we also need a meat thermometer. I used my new phone to navigate to the nearest Sur La Table. Of course they had already closed and thus still no meat thermometer. Fortunately, the neighbors aren't cooking a turkey tomorrow so I was able to borrow theirs.

Now we're chopping celery and onions, browning the sage sausage and baking sweet potatoes and I'm already exhausted again. I had the brilliant idea that we'd cook a trukey, dressing, sweet potato casserole and pie for us to eat and another batch of dressing and sweet potato casserole for dinner at my brother-in-law's. Yes crazy idea!

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