Friday, November 6, 2009

Its Friday, Should I care?

So its Friday and I have to say for the last six years Fridays and weekends have not been something to look forward to as most people do. I know some people that begin obsessing and anticipating Friday's arrival on every Monday. Not me.

For one I used to work in the Event Marketing industry and so our work is done all week and all weekend. At times it was like I never had a day off, I had free time but not really an entire day without checking e-mail, receiving a work related call or text, or actually managing or auditing an event. Now let me clear something up, this is not a complaint, a rant etc., I LOVED event marketing. I was able to work for some of the largest companies out there, Philip Morris and Miller Brewing with a few months of contract work for American Express.

And if you have to have a job in corporate America, why not work for the biggest and best, right? Can you really call driving from bar to bar on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and passing out samples and free beers work? Sure you can, but I didn't see it that way.

Now, back to today, Friday, November 6, 2009.

Being a stay-at home mom, Fridays aren't all that exciting. They mean a little extra time with my husband on Saturday and Sunday, running errands with the family and maybe renting a movie. See what I mean...not that exciting. But on the Saturdays when my husband isn't out writing quotes I get to sleep in!

And as time goes by and MC gets older the weekends will get busier. We'll go to the park, or visit some friends, maybe attend a concert or sporting event.

But for now Fridays are just another day. Being a mom whether you stay at home or work a full-time job outside of the home, you don't have a day off. Now you might get some "alone time" or get the occasional break but you're always a mom. There are days when I feel like I'm not just MC's mom but my husband's also (talk about frustrating). If I had the patience I would open and run an "obedience school" for husbands. Not that your hubby needs to be more submissive or obey but to guide them, train them in ways to productively contribute to the house and to fatherhood. Note: I realize not all men need this but there are so many that would benefit from some coaching (and even my hubby would admit this)

This Friday is the day before MC's make-up birthday party. Since she was in the hospital on her actual birthday the party was re-scheduled almost a month later. Its her first birthday party so that means....more expectations, more stress and so much to get done. Where do I start?

Someone asked me so what are you doing for MC's birthday? When I responded we've invited over some friends, we'll have hot dogs and cake, well it was almost as if I said we're going to pretend like she didn't have a birthday because she's 1 and she'll never know.

Am I missing something? Are there certain rules as to how to properly throw/celebrate a 1 year old's birthday? I didn't receive any memo, email, post, etc. giving me guidance or requirements. As a matter of fact I kind of subscribe to the theory that if we keep things simple for this year and the future it keeps the expectations low. I really would rather spend money on a family vacation than on an elaborate party that happens one day a year. Isn't a week or two on vacation, traveling more enjoyable than having clowns, and bouncy houses, magicians, balloon artists, face painting and petting zoos?

And fun doesn't have to have a big price tag. It doesn't, trust me. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's party. We have monkey themed decorations, my neighbor is making a monkey cake, and we'll have fresh food off of the grill. And I'll enjoy it more than some elaborate affair because we'll actually have time to focus on MC and visiting with our friends instead of worrying about some strange goat biting a child or scaring children with clowns.

For six years Friday hasn't been something to be excited about but now that I have a child everyday is a day to look forward to because sometime today and the next day and the day after I will smile because of MC and that makes everyday a day to care about.

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