Friday, November 6, 2009

Booty Goo-Product Review

Booty what? I was a little embarrassed after our pediatrician recommended "Booty Goo" to clear up and prevent McKenzie's diaper rash. But we'd tried almost all of the other rash cremes/ointments that were available, including a prescription treatment that was $50 for a small tube with insurance and $200 without insurance. And that small tube of expensive medicine didn't improve the rash, it made it worse.

After writing the prescription our doctor recommended we permanently switch to "Booty Goo" an ointment that she personally uses on her daughter. But as she said while this stuff works wonders its very difficult to find.

My first purchase of "Booty Goo" was through I was able to buy four 2.5 ounce tubes for around $23. I first attempted to locate it locally, but the response at almost every pharmacy was "Booty what? Is this a joke, I've never heard of it." So as I ordered the four tubes I was thinking this stuff better work and it better be amazing and it was, it is. We LOVE it! I swear by it, you don't need any of the other stuff on the market. While a lot of the other ointments and creams have the same ingredients this stuff is different and very effective. The awful, red, irritated rash McKenzie had was resolved within 24 hours after applying Booty Goo.

At every diaper change, McKenzie gets some Booty Goo. You don't have use very much so the four tubes I ordered last for a long time. We haven't had any issues with diaper rash since we started using Booty Goo and there's no strong, funky or bad odors in the product. There's nothing worse than a toddler walking around smelling like menthol ointment.YUCK!

Booty Goo is non-staining, non-greasy with Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties.

My only complaint about Booty Goo is that it needs to be more available. When we were on vacation this April we drove through Arkansas on our way home. And since Booty Goo was developed by an Arkansas pharmacist I thought we'd be able to find some at a Walgreen's, CVS or Wal-Mart and could stock up. But we stopped at all three of these chains and none of them carried Booty Goo. So I returned home and purchased more through Amazon.

To learn more about this product or to order from the manufacturer please visit their site:

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  1. Ok! I just read the last three post at the same all the names or you could put Booty Goo in the title...hee hee!
    Especially for the 1st child keep things simple! Once you have another you have to start doing bigger celebrations younger as your first child understands how birthdays work!
    On Hughes' 1st birthday, a hurricane had just come through and we had gotten the clearance to drive into Mom's development. We needed to get down there to make temporary repairs. So we were like Happy Birthday...blow out the the cake...ok your done sweetie let's get driving!