Monday, November 9, 2009

I know there have to be times when people overhear a conversation between JB and MC or myself and MC and they probably start shaking their heads with confusion. I say this because if I wasn't a party to the conversation I'd probably react the same way.

You see before we had a child, we had three dogs. And we tried to use the same words with every dog for the same command. So when we want them to quit barking or cal down, we say "settle." At night when its time for bed we say "Go night, night, sleepy, sleep." When it starts raining and thundering and the dogs are scared we say "Its just a stormy storm." And as I'm sharing this with you, I'm also laughing at how ridiculous it sounds. I know there have even been times when we're home and one of us asks the other where's MC and the response was "she's in her crate" now of course we meant her crib but nonetheless I can just imagine the horror on someones face that didn't know we'd just used the wrong word.

So when we're out at a restaurant or in a store and McKenzie is getting restless and one of us says, "McKenzie settle," I'm sure people think we've lost our minds or that we're harsh with her. But when we tell her to settle its said in a very calm, matter-of-fact voice.

There have been times when my husband decides that MC's behavior requires she have a time out, and he'll put her in her play yard. Now he'll say she's in her play pen but I don't like to use that term. It just sounds too confining, whereas a play yard sounds like fun.

Speaking of MC, its time to run, its "chow time", LOL.

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