Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brrr Reason to Celebrate!

Today when I ventured outside to check the mail I was greeted by a wonderful surprise, not my favorite magazine or a package of goodies but cooler weather. It wasn't hot or warm but just right.

Is it sad that I was so excited about this or sadder that its November and the cooler temperatures will be gone in a day or two and we'll have 70+ temperatures again. It really is hard to get in the mood to cook a turkey and all the fixins when its warm and even hot outside.

Today and even tonight I looked for reasons to go outside. I made an unnecessary trip to Target tonight just to breathe in the cooler air, the smell of fireplaces being used and so I could break out my North Face jacket. When I moved to WI I had to buy some cold weather gear, scarves, gloves and heavier jackets. So I bought two North face jackets because I LOVE them. And now I live in TX and almost never have a reason or occasion to wear them more than 3-4 times a year.

Now, I don't miss the WI winters and I'm not planning a move back to the Midwest, northwest or northeast anytime soon. But I do wish we had four seasons.

While I won't spend my wishes on a White Christmas, in Texas that would be a total waste of a wiash. I will wish for more cooler days, some freezing nights that justify having a fire and lots of sunshine.

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