Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mailbox Jackpot

Alright checking the mail today made me laugh and so I thought I'd share it with you and see if I could make someone else laugh too.

So its midday and I venture outside to check the mail, expecting bills and junk, but instead I find: a Potty Training DVD, a free sample of Goodnites Underwear and a $3 check from a survey I recently completed and my first thought is I hit the mailbox jackpot! LOL

When did my life change to the point where this is so exciting? I can remember when it had to be filled with catalogs, magazines or big money for me to be excited.

Now my days are filled with surfing the web and winning Sawg Bucks, shopping the sales to keep my daughter in clothes, and entering giveaways or requesting free samples! Oh well I'm happy so that's what matters most!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Race is ON!

Ready! Set! GO?

The race is ON! Alright so maybe the race really began back in December when we learned I was pregnant but now we're racing to the finish line at full speed. And the reminders are everywhere.

Seriously I can't leave the house and run into someone without hearing the following comments: "You're ready to pop!", "Any day now you're going to have that baby", "Better get ready, he's coming." Hello? Do you think between my duck waddle, the persistent and feistier kicking and the doctor's appointments once a week that I've forgotten and need these reminders?

I'm going to make it a point to never say to anyone, friend, acquaintance, total stranger, "you're about to pop!." It doesn't matter if you don't mean anything by it, when you're big and have been dealing with all of the symptoms that come with being pregnant you just don't want someone to remind you.

But with the clock ticking, the calendar days passing by and the constant reminders we're rushing around making sure we're ready. Wait, maybe that's incorrect, the only one running around like a crazy person making lists, packing bags, taking inventory is me. I seriously think my husband is in denial. Just like when we had our daughter, 21 months ago, and I was settling into the hospital room, the nurse asked him so are you ready to be a dad? (and thought are you giving him an option, because its kind of too late for that) and I hear him say, "it really hasn't sunk in yet."

So....we're at the hospital, my water had broken a few hours before, contractions were 3 minutes apart and, what hasn't sunk in? I guess its just different for men. But this time around I would think the reality would be hovering around him like those pesky summer flies.

I mean it seems like I'm the only one with any sense of urgency. This is normal right? It does make life easier if all of the clothes are washed and organized, the bottles are sterilized and stored for easy access, diapers are on the changing table with wipes and accessories, hospital bags are packed, the swing is down from the attic and in place. Or have I become obsessed?

Speaking of obsessed...have any of you, if any of you are reading this, found that this "nesting phenomenon" also creates a need to shop? I find myself scoping out the latest baby products, buying extra swaddle blankets, wash cloths, bottles, pacifiers, nipples etc. And I'm amazed and the new producst that have been introduced in just the last 21 months since we had our little girl.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not buying just for the sake of shopping. I'm going through her things and seeing what we needed that we didn't have for her, re-stocking items like diapers, wipes, etc. And as I'm buying, ordering, organizing, I'm also dreaming of putting away the maternity clothes and getting rid of them.

So are we ready? Do we really have three weekends left? I remember being pregnant with MC and everyone focused on the due date. But here I am at 36 weeks and this time people keep reminding me the "baby will be here anyday."

Any day? Well then I will spend today continuing to get the nursery, the house and my family ready for his arrival. But are you ever really ready?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

MamaRoo Giveaway on Crazy Coupon Mommy

I made some awesome discoveries today while surfing the Internet. Two of those discoveries include: the products by 4Moms like the MamaRoo and the blog by Crazy Coupon Mommy.

What's a mamaRoo?
From the Manufacturer
We've never seen a parent vibrate like a bouncy seat or swing like a swing. But we've seen thousands of parents scoop their little ones up in their arms and bounce and sway, and that's what the mamaRoo does. It moves like you do. Some seats claim two motions, but really, they just turn their seat to one side. When we say five motions, we mean it. Five unique motions. Five ways to soothe and entertain your little one. That's just better.

Product Description
mamaRoo by 4moms The only seat that moves up and down, and side to side.We've never seen a parent vibrate their child like a bouncy seat and hardly seen one swing a baby around like a swing. BUT, we've seen thousands of parents scoop their little ones up in their arms and bounce and sway. And that's what the mamaRoo does. It moves like you do.5 Unique MotionsSome seats claim two motions, but really, they just turn their seat to the side. When we say unique we mean it. 5 different motions.

Now I'm not sure about you guys but with my little girl MC, if I could find something that would soothe her and buy me time to wash bottles, do a load of laundry or grab a quick shower then that was the greatest product ever made. I haven't personally used one of these but the reviews I've read are raving about it! So I hope to be able to win one! You can read her review and learn more about how to enter the giveaway at:

And while you're there enter or become a follower so you too cnaa learn more about her fantastic giveaways.

Boon Potty Bench Giveaway on Thatsitmommy

Well its Sunday and I spent the day surfing the Internet, learning about new Mommy blogs and checking out some super cool giveaways. I'm not a very lucky person and have only won once in my life but I've decided the way to cahnge those odds are to enter more giveaways.

And while surfing today I came across this cool Boon potty bench giveaway on:

We haven't started potty training MC as of yet but when we do I'd love to have this bench to use. The best part about it for me is that it doubles as a stool enabling me to have 1 product and use less space in her already small bathroom that's also used as a guest bathroom.

Check out how cool this product looks: The Potty Bench is a training potty featuring two enclosed side storage spaces for organizing potty training supplies, and a pull-out drawer for easy sanitary clean-up. Simply close the lid to use as a large, sturdy stool that supports up to 300 lbs. The sleek, modern design includes a built-in toilet paper holder and a removable soft deflector shield.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Painting Update

Well, we now have two coats of paint on the walls in our master bedroom. And while I'm feeling better about the situation, colors have been chosen and progress is being made, we are living in a house turned upside down while the painting gets done. But then with one toddler and another child just around the corner, I should get used to the chaos, the clutter, the one step forward and two giant leaps backward.

But in the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing the final results. A freshly painted bedroom with our new comforter and hopefully some new lamps in the near future.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Want to SCREAM!

Alright, I'm so frustrated right now I want to scream. But then if I scream I'll wake up my toddler from her nap and that will just frustrate me even more, so I'll resort to venting through my much neglected blog. And the best part is if you don't want to listen, you don't have to continue reading, LOL.

I'm 34.5 weeks pregnant and what are we doing, we're trying to pick out paint colors for the kitchen, dining room, family room, master bedroom and master bathroom. And it feels like we're going round and round and getting nowhere.

On Saturdays the paint store closes at 2PM. So my husband had planned to get up around 10AM go pick up a few sample cans of colors we discussed last night so we could get them on the walls, choose the one we liked best and buy paint. Let me pause to say that I wanted our bedroom painted months ago. I emphasized to him that it would mean a lot to return from having the baby to a retreat, a freshly painted room with our new comforter and two new lamps, a place where I could relax and recover. Let me follow this up by saying in a house that's only 1600 square feet with a toddler running around, two large dogs, a husband and a newborn that I'm fully aware, regardless of the room makeover, a "retreat" will not exist anywhere in a house this small.

However, a new look in our room would make me feel better since our current walls are white with chipping paint, a comforter has seen the last of its days and our lamps don't match or get the job done.

But my husband doesn't get to the paint store until 1:15, leaving only enough time to buy the samples. So when he returned home with more paint swatches and samples of colors we hadn't discussed, none of the colors we'd chosen and on his own had moved from the browns and grays we were considering to purples....I really wanted to scream or throw something. Purple, in our kitchen? Seriously, what is he thinking?

So we have 4-5 weekends left before the baby if we're lucky and we're just spinning our wheels. He wants to park on the couch and watch movies all day and I want to see things getting done so there's less to do later.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Huephoria Hand Painted Salt & Pepper Shakers Giveaway

Thanks to Mom's Focus for offering some fun and awesome giveaways, like the Huephoria hand painted Salt & Pepper shaker give-away.

For those that know me, you know I like to use and collect the unusual items that reflect a little of my personality and I think these shakers, wine and martini glasses make the cut.

A little information on the company: HuePhoria LLC was formed with a goal to design, manufacture and distribute unique glassware to upscale gift boutiques, party throwers and cocktail queens across the country. The partners designed a new glass, bigger and sturdier to appeal to all wine lovers, beer drinkers (made to hold a full one), cocktail drinkers and milk drinkers alike.With a high quality line of hand-blown, hand-painted, dishwasher safe stemware, HuePhoria hit the retail market. Jen, Lisa & Kathy have been “having a ball entertaining” ever since!

So head over to Mom's Focus and enter this contest!

Medela Pump In Style Give-Away on Mom's Focus

Alright friends, I wish I had some super cool stuff to give-away but since I don't I'm going to start linking to those bloggers that do have the super cool stuff!

Please hop over to Mom's Focus and check out her Medela Pump In Style Give-Away and enter for a chance to win as I have!!!

Toddler Survival

Someone put my mind at ease.....please! Lately, I feel like I'm spending more time trying to survive the toddler phase than I am preparing for the little one's arrival. And at the same time, I'm trying to help my toddler survive this phase.

Initially, I was really concerned about moving my 20 month old from her crib to her "big girl bed" in her new big girl room. We used the Natura no-VOC paint, we blocked all the outlets, we locked the closet and put away all the toys, we have child-proof locks on the doors. I bought a nightlight that she can keep in bed with her, so there's nothing to unplug and no shocking hazard. But I still worried that we'd hear some loud crash in the middle of the night and find something we'd forgotten to protect her from....

But instead, on the first night we're moving her into the new room, while we're doing a final check, she wanders into one of the bathrooms, opens a drawer and finds electric clipper oil. On her way to show us her treasure, she removed the top, put the bottle in her mouth and had it all over her hands and mouth by the time she finds us for "show and tell." This tiny bottle offered little information, EXCEPT, "can be fatal if swallowed, seek emergency treatment immediately.

So at 34 weeks pregnant, I put my little girl in the tub, fully clothed, and start washing out her mouth with a bottle of water while my husband changes clothes, finds his wallet and grabs the car keys. And on the 4th of July holiday as fireworks are going off throughout the area, we race to the ER with our hazard lights on. While we're waiting for the triage nurse I dial Poison Control, only to find out the first six numbers I called were incorrect.

As I finally get through to Poison Control the triage nurse calls us back and her second questions is "did you call poison control?" After I answer yes, she explains because that's what we're going to do is call them and ask how to treat the patient. Seriously? I wish we'd known that before taking her to the ER with all of the other germs, etc.

We were very fortunate that she didn't get any of the chemicals in her lungs and so no damage was done. And after returning home, giving her a long bath, she spent the first night in her big girl bed in her new room without any problems.

Now we move to today, just four days after our last scare. I'm in the bedroom trying to catch a nap, when I hear a scream from MC, followed by my husband barging into the bedroom, yelling "I need help." What now?

He carries out little girl into our bathroom and I see he has blood all over his shirt and she has blood running down her face. First thought, let me get dressed we're going back to the ER. Fortunately, that was not the case. Apparently, MC was in the den wearing her Dad's cowboy boots while trying to walk, she fell and bumped her mouth on our coffee table and cut herself below her lip.

Again we got lucky, because the bleeding stopped pretty quickly and she cried for less than five minutes. I went to my FB friends for advice and we saved ourselves from a trip to the ER.

But then this evening, while I was fixing dinner, MC came running into the kitchen and fell onto our tile floor. She got back up immediately and after a hug was fine. I wish I could bounce back that quickly, it seems like every time I watch her get hurt I feel like my heart stops.

What's the secret here? How do I survive my toddler and how does she survive herself?