Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boon Potty Bench Giveaway on Thatsitmommy

Well its Sunday and I spent the day surfing the Internet, learning about new Mommy blogs and checking out some super cool giveaways. I'm not a very lucky person and have only won once in my life but I've decided the way to cahnge those odds are to enter more giveaways.

And while surfing today I came across this cool Boon potty bench giveaway on:

We haven't started potty training MC as of yet but when we do I'd love to have this bench to use. The best part about it for me is that it doubles as a stool enabling me to have 1 product and use less space in her already small bathroom that's also used as a guest bathroom.

Check out how cool this product looks: The Potty Bench is a training potty featuring two enclosed side storage spaces for organizing potty training supplies, and a pull-out drawer for easy sanitary clean-up. Simply close the lid to use as a large, sturdy stool that supports up to 300 lbs. The sleek, modern design includes a built-in toilet paper holder and a removable soft deflector shield.

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