Friday, June 17, 2011

What Did She Say?

Our little girl, MC aka monkey butt has gone from saying very little to talking up a storm. Of course this is great news but its also scary because I never know what she's going to say.

Yes, I know that what she hears will be repeated. Therefore, we're trying to censor our conversations and reduce our use of certain expletives. But that being said we don't really use a lot of curse words to begin with. I'm starting to realize though that we say certain things more often and we're not even aware of what we say.

Some of MC's new favorite expressions are: "Oh Dear!" (not something I ever say so I'm not sure where she got this one from), "I don't think so Mommy!", "Crap" (apparently I say this more than I realized), "Trust me", and "Are you sure?"

Today she hit me with a new one, HP was crawling around and had gas, MC says "HP made a fart!" He made what? NO I have not said this before. And so I was shocked but also trying to hide the fact that it was cute and funny, although mainly because we were home alone and because she used the word "made" as if he'd been in the workshop assembling it.

A few days ago we were looking for a can of soup in the pantry and one of our storage containers fell, as soon as it hit the floor MC says "CRAP". Because I'd almost said it myself but she'd just beat me to it, I wanted to laugh but also wanted to correct her but since I couldn't keep a straight face I just pretended like it didn't happen. Its tough being a parent, even harder being a good one.

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