Saturday, June 11, 2011

In My Next House

So do you ever sit around and think "in my next house we'll have ....." ? I wouldn't say I sit around and think about it, I have two children under 3 and so I don't have time to sit. But I'm frequently having thoughts of what my next house should have to make life easier at home.

One of the things I'd like is a gigantic bathroom, HUGE, like a spa. I want it to be luxurious with a large shower that has the full body jets and a bench, room for two people to shower comfortably without knowing the other is there. I dream of separate toilets, each behind a door for privacy. I can keep mine clean and stocked and it will NEVER smell like my husband's dirty feet or worse. And it must be soundproofed so if I need to go somewhere and scream from frustration at my child's latest stunt I have a place. I'd like a small, cozy fireplace by the giant tub with jets and a TV that can be seen while soaking.

The master bedroom, wouldn't it be cool if it could be separate from the rest of the house but still convenient? I want our next house to have 2 master bedrooms, one that can be used as an in-law suite or guest room. But totally away from each other and away from the children's rooms. It doesn't have to be grand but roomy and with an area for a reading nook. But I do want it to have lots of windows, hopefully with a water view, (private lake would be nice) and it needs shades that will completely darken the room and operate via remote control. I'd love to have a balcony or patio off our master, something intimate where we can enjoy a drink or read our e-mails.

Kids rooms should be a good size and wired and equipped with video cameras so we can keep an eye on them. (Not in a creepy way, in a I just heard something crash, are they alright or did it come from another room or outside) It would be nice to have lots of built-ins.

Outside, I'd like to have a large yard with a nice big deck, an outdoor kitchen, a beautiful pool with a built-in table and stools, a hot tub, waterfalls and room to swim laps.

The kitchen, now most people would think about the kitchen first, but not me because while I want it to be up to date and gorgeous with the newest and coolest appliances, I don't cook that much so its one of the last things I think about.

Now if only we could move into this "next house" immediately. What do you wish for in your next house?

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