Monday, June 20, 2011

Boys vs. Girls

Every time I change HP's diaper I think about how different boys are from girls, and no I'm not talking about anatomy.

Our little girl, monkey butt, would lay still and stare at her hutch while we changed her diaper, no fighting the process, wiggling etc. But Mr. Moose aka HP, well changing him is like wrestling an octopus or an alligator (words spoken by sitters and friends) but yet so on point.

Monkey butt could play for hours and entertain herself with little encouragement or interaction. Mr. Moose is curious and into everything, after a little exploring he either wants my undivided attention or he wants to be held.

I'm not complaining, I love my kids and I love that they're different. And I think a lot of their differences have nothing to do with gender but rather they're two individuals displaying their traits and personality. So sometimes I wince when someone says HP is all boy or he's just acting like a boy. if MC does the same thing she's acting like a boy?

Now at 10 months HP is crawling, cruisin' and climbing and I can tell I have two active children that will be getting into a LOT of trouble. I'm pretty sure HP will be walking any day now and running as soon after that as possible. YIKES!

As I'm writing this, I looked to see what the Moose was up to and he'd crawled on top of his Leap Frog music table and was between it and his activity cube!

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