Saturday, June 18, 2011

Should I Feel Guilty?

We haven't taken a family vacation in 2.5 years. Well, unless you count our short weekend trip to San Antonio with the kids. (I don't really count a three hour drive and two nights in a hotel as a vacation) And we haven't had a vacation without the kids in four years.

As a matter of fact we haven't been away from one or both of our kids for 24 hours, EVER! When I was in the hospital delivering HP, we were away from MC but I wouldn't count being in labor with our second child as being kid free.

So I want a vacation, but more importantly I NEED a vacation. And at this point it could be something as just two nights in a hotel without the kids. Even 24 hours of being free of responsibility of anyone but myself would be a nice break. But should I feel guilty for feeling this way?

I love my children more than anything, I do but I also feel like a vacation or small break from them would re-energize me and they would benefit from that too. Sometimes I feel like we're the only ones that haven't had a break or a vacation. Most of my friends have parents that take their kids for date nights or for weekends here and there while they take a quick trip, we aren't that fortunate.

Unfortunately, my husband's father has passed and his mother is physically unable to watch the kids. My mother is deceased and well we wouldn't even consider leaving the kids with my father even if he offered and my brother is in medical school and over one thousand miles away. So the only way we'll even get to take a quick trip is to pay someone to watch the kids, and no not just any someone but someone we really trust so we can enjoy the break.

Is it alright to want a break and some alone time with my hubby? Can we realistically go away for a weekend and enjoy ourselves without feeling guilty or worrying the entire trip? Are we the only ones that have this issue?

My husband has promised me a trip away sometime this summer and I really hope we're able to make it happen.


  1. Those breaks as a couple ...away from kids and responsibility I think make a couple stronger.. if not you forget the lil recharge the mommy batteries and give each other the attention that at times can't with kids around.

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  3. My son is 20 and when I said I won the Dallas trip and will be gone for two days he said "What am I going to do". I just shrugged my shoulders, I guess he will be eating pizza bites and cereal.