Friday, June 10, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere!

Where am I? Where was I? What did we do today? Do you ever feel like the Internet and social networking sites suck you in and you just disappear? Nothing gets done, laundry, dishes, trash starts piling up and then you're left wondering where the day went.

I think I was in a cycle for a while where I would hop on the PC and between surfing and playing and feeding the kids,time just vanished. But this week has been different. We were here, there and everywhere! We went to play dates, went swimming at the neighbor's house, shopped at the Outlet mall, Costco, Target, had lunch with friends, had dinner with friends and numerous other activities. This morning we had plans to get together with friends but I was so tired and the kids were still sleeping so we canceled.

I know that I definitely like getting the kids out of the house as it makes the day go by faster, they seem happier and I feel more productive but I just need to find the right balance.

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