Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Season Premieres

What is everyone watching this fall? During the summer I feel like we live at Blockbuster and spend too much time watching movies we've previously seen on the movie channels, just waiting for fall and the return of our nightly programs.

I can remember when I knew what day of the week it was by seeing what was on TV, Friends, ER, LA Law, etc. This season I know Grey's Anatomy means its Thursday and NCIS means its Tuesday but I'm still learning a lot of the new programs and trying to match them with the nights they're on.

At the same time I hesitate to get involved in a new drama or comedy because lately it seems like every time we find a new program we enjoy its canceled after either the first season or several episodes. And that's frustrating. And in most cases these are good programs that just disappear. What happened to Dirty Sexy Money? How about Lipstick Jungle? Where's The Unit?

Then there are programs that I don't enjoy and figure they won't make it and yet they're still around . I'm kind of surprised that recently the USA network has developed great shows like Royal Pains and Covert Affairs. I just hope they realize they have winners and continue to keep them on the air.

Currently, I look forward to seeing how this season continues to develop. Some of my new favorites include: The Undercovers, The Defenders, Chase and Blue Bloods. What are your favorites this fall?


  1. I'm a new follower from FMBT. This makes me very not cool, but I love Chuck and I'm SO excited it's back on. Also, The Office, Community, The Middle, all those comedies.

  2. I liked Lipstick Jungle!
    I'd like to watch Blue Bloods solely because of Tom Selleck.

    I'm watching Top Chef: Just Desserts, Project Runway and ANTM...I'm a reality tv junkie :-D

    Thanks for following! I'm now following you :-)

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  4. Thanks for following my blog "Its All Random". Following you back!! Some of my fav news shows are "My Generation", "Detroit 1-8-7" and "The Whole Truth". I'm like you though. Hesitant to watch a new show because it always ends up cancelled quickly!