Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogging is like Exercise

Does anyone else feel like blogging is like exercise? Let me explain, by no means do I feel like blogging is a chore, but exercise is at times a chore. But you know how when you really get into the swing of fitness and you have a routine you tend to follow through and stay on task, well it seems like the more I blog the easier it is to continue but once I fall off the wagon so to speak, its tough to find the time to get back into it.

And much like my good intentions to make it to the gym, I've had good intentions for the past four weeks to get back to blogging. But I continue to make excuses, I'm too tired, I need to spend time with the kids, I'd rather nap, I'd rather eat, I'd rather work-out (okay, so I've never used that excuse).

I knew when I had the baby that I'd have to take a break from blogging and spend time recovering and adapting to life with two children. We're still getting used to being a family of four. It seems strange to say we have "kids", when it used to be "I have a daughter." Now we have "kids." And on Saturday when the waitress asked "how many", I was ready to reply three, when I realized, now its four.

Life has changed. Definitely for the better but it still takes time to adapt.

Saturday night I was home watching college football on the couch with my five week old son beside me and my daughter running around the family room and in and out of her bedroom. Before I became a parent, I would have been at the game, in a sports bar or partying with friends while watching the games.

At one point during the game I was reminded by a friend of a game we'd attended several years ago, when Auburn played South Carolina at Williams-Brice. It was a cloudy afternoon game and we'd dressed for rain and chilly temperatures only to find a muggy day full of sun by the time we were in our seats. And after tailgating which involved the consumption of alcoholic beverages, we became silly and brave. (I admit I'd completely forgotten/erased this particular memory until she reminded me last week) But at some point we decided to talk the guys seated behind us into giving us their boxer shorts so we could watch the game without suffering from heatstroke. (No I definitely can not EVER run for public office)

So what does this have to do with blogging being like exercise? Has my brain turned into total mush since the baby and I'm just not making any sense? No, not quite, not yet anyways.

The point is with crazy memories like that one, two children, three dogs, a husband that enjoys pushing my buttons just for personal amusement and my ability to multi-task I have lots to say and plenty to write about in my blog just as I have extra pounds to lose and muscles to tone. I'm going to get back to the blog and get back to working out, although I think one will be easier to follow through on than the other.


  1. Oooo! I so agree. So hard to get started, but you feel so much better once you've done it.

    And I have to ask... you guys checked the boxers for streaks before you put them on? :-)

  2. Gross Candace, LOL. I still can't believe we did that and wonder what we were thinking. Definitely not a story to share with the kids!

  3. Girl- you do have a lot to say...and I can't wait to continue to hear it. I'm here on the blog hop, and I am your newest follower---please follow back