Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have you heard about the mamaRoo?

Have you heard about the mamaRoo by 4Moms? Since I read about it a few weeks ago I've been learning more and entering giveaways to try and win one for the new baby I'll be having next week. You know I love gadgets and you know I love the newest products so the more I read and learn about the mamaRoo the more I want one for myself and our baby boy.

While I haven't personally been able to try one out yet, I can tell you its unlike any other swing or bouncer on the market. Don't laugh, but it makes you wish there was a product like this for the grown-ups.

Some cool facts about 4Moms:

-there are actually 5 moms but they thought 4Moms sounded better, so one mom is called "The Stealth Mom" (what a cool nickname)
-4Moms has been called the "Apple of the juvenile industry", what a compliment for a company that's small with a fraction of the budget of a major company
-The mamaRoo was designed using motion sensors to monitor movements of real parents (seriously leading edge technology)

If you'd like to learn more about the mamaRoo you can go to or read all about a mom's review on the mamaRoo and enter her current giveaway at

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