Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bragging About my Monkey

You know those days when you look at your toddler and think "wow, they sure are growing up." Sometimes its because they look a little different and sometimes its their actions.

Well today when I woke up MC was still in her room asleep. When she did wake up I just watched and listened to her as she played in her room for a little bit. She started talking, and talking and talking. I heard Daddy, wait, but the most used word was okay.

As she had walked over to her room door and started knocking, so cute, she was saying Mom. So I opened the door, entered and began our daily ritual of the diaper change and while I got our supplies ready on the floor, she walked over to her drawer and said "shorts."

"Do you want to put on shorts and a shirt?" I asked.

She nodded yes and reached in for a pair of shorts. So I picked out shorts and a shirt and we started changing. But today she tried to take charge, she wanted to use the wipes, she wanted to put her legs in the shorts and her arms through the shirt. She's usually not this determined to help, she may assist some but never with this much independence.

Now we head to the kitchen where she grabs a banana off the counter and attempts to eat it through the peel. While we've always called MC our monkey, monkey bucket, monkey butt, spider monkey or something with monkey in it, she's never really liked bananas. So I took the banana back, peeled back the outer layer and handed it back to her, she devoured the entire banana.

I feel all kinds of emotions, I'm proud of her, I'm amazed at her, I'm excited to see her growing on multiple levels and I'm also wondering how did all these changes occur after one night of sleep? Was there a fairy in her room last night? (Of course, I'm being facetious)What's going on and does it even matter?

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day and seeing what else develops.

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  1. She's just getting ready for her little brother!