Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Day in Texas

They predicted it and it came true. Today in Houston, TX, snow made a rare appearance. Some schools were cancelled or dismissed early but most were not. Preparations started on Thursday night, the news anchors talked of little other than the chance of snow on Friday.

I know some of you find it funny and maybe I would too but then I was born and raised in SC, where when I was a kid, if snow was a possibility in the forecast then schools were sometimes cancelled before the first flake arrived. The grocery stores were stripped of all their batteries, milk and bread by anyone that could get there early enough to find anything more than empty shelves. Now that I'm older and have survived a hurricane, I wonder why the bread and milk and not beer and chips? Because if I'm without power and stuck inside for more than 24 hours I want comfort food and something to distract me, i.e. beer.

Anyway, although today's snow came and went within a matter of hours it was a beautiful sight to observe as it fell and began to stick to cars, roofs, etc. So I'm going to share just a few photos from today.


  1. Snow in Houston! WOW! We (I live in Tulsa) didn't get any snow. I'm so jealous - it has been cold and snow would make the cold worthwhile!

    New follower from MBC - come and visit me!

  2. Thanks for following and the comment. I'm following you now too. And you're totally right if you have to be cold it might as well be fun to look at.