Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Funny Moments Worth Laughing About

Are you one of those moms that starts a diary or journal for your child and promises to write everything in it, the good moments, the bad, the funny and sad? I am and guess what I haven't touched that journal in months. Bad mommy, everyone say it together now, "bad mommy". Okay not really, I know this happens to most of us we start a project with good intentions and then life gets in the way.

Well if I had written in the journal as I promised and intended I would have shared this story with MC. When she was about two months old, her daddy, and that's the story I'm going with and sticking to...her daddy changed her while I was napping soundly and forgot to put a diaper back on her.

Now we were both out of it most of the time from sleep deprivation and my post part um anxiety I was like a walking zombie on autopilot. I'd gone o lie down in the guest bedroom where its extremely quiet if you run something for white noise. I'd probably been asleep two hours when I heard MC crying. I came into the den to see what was going on and found her in her swing rocking back and forth. Normally, she would be quietly enjoying the ride or asleep but she was not happy. I look around the den, kitchen and master bedroom and can't find JB.

So I pick up MC and immediately know that she's soaked. The swing is soaked,her onesie is soaked and now I'm getting wet too. I opened the front door and hollered, "HONEY!!!!" and there he was running to find out why I was screaming like a banshee. We stand next to each other with MC on the changing table and start pointing fingers, you changed her last, no you did I was taking a nap. JB" "Well I know if I'd changed her she would have a diaper on."

Well whoever has changed her last (her dad of course) had forgotten to replace the old diaper with a new one. After the initial finger pointing we both started laughing and couldn't stop. We'd been so anxious about being new parents since we'd come home from the hospital. For the most part whenever it was possible we did everything together, her baths, tucking her in, dressing her etc., except when I was napping or he was at work. So careful, so thorough...so out of it that our little girl was commando in her onesie and neither of us could remember who changed her last.

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