Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kodak Photo Fantastic House Party

So this Saturday evening I'm having friends over to check out the new Kodak Gallery website. This is probably one of my most frequently visited sites now that I have a child and definitely a site where over 50% of my online shopping is done. Since most of my family is out of state I can order photos, gifts etc. and have them shipped directly to their home which is so easy and convenient.

I'd learned about the House Party website while reading a friend's blog. They'd had a few parties for various companies and said it was a fun experience. When I received and e-mail from Kodak encouraging me to apply to be a host, I thought sure this should be fun.

As a host I received a $75 credit to use towards a photo book, a mug and a holiday card. These were fun to design and make. The photo book I created is a baby album full of pictures from McKenzie's first year. It took me forever to finish this project but not because the Kodak Gallery is difficult to use but because I love almost every photo we've taken of her. This is the second time I've made a photo book with Kodak, the first was a wedding album I created and gave to my husband as a Christmas gift last year. Kodak recently made changes to their website making it easier to use, faster to upload photos and provides the use with more options than ever.

Both albums are keepsakes that our family will be able to enjoy forever. And as someone that isn't very organized at home I don't have to fiddle with putting picture in the album, writing captions, labeling everything etc. Its as easy as uploading, placing the pictures into a layout I choose and placing an order. I also love the fact that if I need more of an item my project is saved at Kodak and I can easily order more copies.

My family is hoping to take more and more pictures and improve our photography skills. For Christmas we're going to upgrade from a point and shoot camera to a SLR. This will mean more photos, which means more prints for the family and more photo books for me.

Kodak has provided me with some sample holiday cards to share with the party guests as well as 40% off coupons for my guests and their friends and family.

So far my experience with House Party and Kodak has been a positive one and I look forward to hosting more parties. Check back for pictures from this weekend's party.

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