Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Long Day

Today was a long day. One of those days when every time I wasn't watching my toddler, she was doing something or getting into something she wasn't supposed to be doing. And at times it felt like she was intentionally pushing me to my limits. Could it be?

What did she do? What was she doing? It would be easier to tell you what she wasn't doing, behaving, its simple as that. And to make it even more challenging she kept saying "Daddy" all day long.

But now she's in bed, my two month old is napping on the couch and I'm catching up with the DVR. Now if I can just get motivated to work out too....


  1. Go work out, you'll feel better! Although, I wouldn't know because it's been too dang long since I worked out, lol!

  2. of of wine. It's a toss up!