Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

So here I am sitting at the desk putting my thoughts on the screen, waiting to be able to get up, have my body and energy back and tackle all of the projects piling up and clutter that's threatening to take over our house. And wishing I could climb into the attic, pull out all of those boxes that were stored with good intentions and start piles to give away, sell and just toss out.

And as I sit here and look around at the cluttered kitchen counter, the toys strewn all over the den floor, I feel a little resigned that this will be the way it is for the next 6 months. So I also wish I could just go on vacation, somewhere tropical with delicious mocktails and an oceanfront view, where I could put my feet up and relax while MC builds sandcastles and wades in a crystal clear pool.

I'm in full blown nesting mode. At what month exactly is it supposed to hit? My husband thinks I'm crazy. He keeps reminding me the baby isn't due until August and its still April. I guess all of the time I spent in management I learned its better to be proactive and accomplish things early because you never know what could happen to prevent you from getting things done later.

He continues to tell people that I'm upset the "baby's room" isn't ready yet. Its not the baby's room I'm even concerned with but my little girl's "big girl" room. She's 18 months and I want her to continue to feel like she's an important part of the family. I want her to have a beautiful, clutter free room where she can play, read, sleep and grow.

In my head I see the finished room, do you know what I mean? I can see the walls painted, the bed made with the comforter and pillows and the walls covered with a large collage of pictures of her, the flat screen mounted on the wall and a mirror. All little girls need a mirror on their walls, right? The bunk beds are against the wall and look gorgeous. Its the perfect room.

Reality...well we have a full sized bed in the room, with an exercise bike, a bookcase full of junk and a flat screen, a dresser that's empty and taking up space and a very large, heavy trunk full of my husband's family photos. I'm unable to go in and move these things out, the walls are still a ghostly white and the closet is currently empty with the exception of the new shelving units my husband has insisted on building and installing himself.

I'm hoping next week we will be able to find the bunk beds we want and purchase them. Maybe this weekend we'll be able to finish the closet and get some paint on the walls. I'd like for MC to be sleeping in the room by the first week in June so she can start adapting to life outside her crib before we bring the baby home and have to adapt more.

And then I'll go back into the nursery and re-set everything. The hutch will be filled with clothes for our baby boy, the diapers will be re-stocked with newborn sizes, the crib will be empty with the exception of his new stuffed animals and clean sheets and a bumper once again.

Nesting is an interesting concept. For me personally, it becomes all consuming, an obsession that reminds me of all the tasks that need to be completed and all of the things I'm currently unable to do while pregnant. So for now I'll go back to sitting, waiting and wishing.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, must haves for a toddler room, please post a comment. Thanks

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  1. So now that its July and MC is just NOW in her room, how is the little mans room, if you need any help getting things put together in his room, just let me know, I'm available!