Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Missed It!

Well today I was given a gift, the gift of time to myself. Last week a friend and fellow Mom bravely offered to take MC on a playdate with her son so she could get out of the house and I coudl get some rest.

WHo knew it would come on a day where I had to be at the dentist office at 8 AM this morning? And to make amtters worse while at the dreaded torture chamber a.k.a the dentist office I would be subjected to another the second emergency root canal this month. So while driving home, in pain with a big swollen face, I was really looking forward to some peace and quiet and extra sleep.

I don't do well when pregnant. I'm not bragging but merely stating a known fact to me and anyone that has witnessed the problems that plague me while pregnant. So to say I'm exhausted regardless of the trimester or situtation would be accurate and unfortunate, especially since this time around I'm pregnanty with a toddler that is a cross between a monkey and the Energizer bunny...that would definitely be a strange looking creature...

So when my friend pulled up ready to take MC to a bounce house, jungle gym, kids world, I ahd her packed and ready to go. But I was a little surprised when after she was loaded into a car she'd never been in before, I leaned in for a kiss and was quickly dismissed with the wave of her hand. Hmmm...my little girl is growing up I thought.

Back inside, still in my flannel pajama pants and thermal t-shirt, I was excited to be alone. WAIT! The thing is I wasn't alone because my hubby was still at the house answering e-mails, returning phone calls and making noise in my space. But he was supposed to be leaving shortly, so I fixed some pasta that I could slurp down with a numb face and picked up some of the toys cluttering the den floor.

Of course, my luck strikes and my husband's appointment is cancelled and he's not going anywhere. Time alone....not happening. So since the feeling in my mouth was returning and staying still seemed to make it worse I started picking up clothes and toys and working on things that would ahve been impossible with the monkey butt underfoot. And while making progress my mind wandered to MC and whether she was having fun or creating trouble...later, I learned she was doing both.

A few hours later MC and her friends returned to the house for a short visit. Before we were even completely unloaded and inside the house I'm being told how MC found a little boy with the group, took him by the hand and drug him around with her. She stood on tables, climbed into and out of bounce houses, shared snacks by feeding them to other little boys and smiled until she realized someone was trying to "gather eveidence", I mean pictures.

I've never taken MC to a playgraound area and seen her play in a bounce house. And I've never seen her hold anyone's hand but mine or her dad's so the news struck me as funny and strange. I hated to miss today and if I'd been 100% would have been there witnessing these new developments and joys firsthand.

But maybe we both needed some space today. Maybe she showed a new side to her personality that she wouldn't have displayed under my watchful eye. I don't know, but I am sad I missed seeing her so happy.

A few people have told me MC is going to be a heartbreaker and of course I laugh and smile....but she's only 17 months so if she's already picking cute boys out, taking them by the hand and dragging them around well I think we may be in a world of trouble. So ladies, when you see MC smiling at your little boy, you might want to warn him, she wants to be the boss and he's not the first one to be dragged around the playground.

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